Bad news

As some of you already know, this has been a very trying few months for us.  Beth’s mom Mary was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in early September.  At the time of diagnosis, the cancer had already spread to her liver and surrounding organs.  Since then, it’s been bi-weekly chemo treatments to attempt to slow the growth of the tumors.  Earlier this week, we learned that the chemo is not working.

Things have progressed very quickly since then.  She’s had an infection that started in her abdomen and spread to her blood, but that seems to have been cleared up by the antibiotics. The bad news now is that her liver and kidneys are failing. The cancer seems to be more aggressive than we had originally hoped.

She’s being moved from the hospital to hospice care on Tuesday, which means that she will be at home. Hospice care means pain control, but no further active treatment.

We’ll try to give updates as things progress, but we’re pretty much just waiting now.

Fuck cancer.