Birthday Scones

Last year for my birthday Dad got me The Baling Bible.  I’d never actually made any recipe out of it. Mostly I just read through it completely convinced that I am not very good at baking and anything I made wouldn’t turn out very well.  So this year when my birthday came up I decided that I needed to step up my game and my confidence.  I’ll never get better at baking if I don’t step outside of my comfort zone.

I decided that it would be very nice to have Birthday Scones.  I’ve never made scones before,  but love to eat them! I went with the Irish Cream Scone from Ms.  Beranbaum’s book. 


They turned out light and fluffy.  I should have cooked them a little less,  they were a bit more brown than necessary.  All in all a delicious first attempt at scones! My birthday breakfast was great and I learned that I can actually make some of these things that seem daunting!

Happy St.  Patrick’s Day 2016!


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