Chocolate Marshmallow Bark


This Weight Watchers 7 point recipe is a delicious treat and much easier to make than I thought it would be.  Something about candy baking has always scared me off. This even fits with my “substitutions are key” theme.

So the recipe called for bittersweet chocolate.  I have a metric “stupid huge” (technical term) amount of baking ingredients,  but bittersweet chocolate is not among them. I cannot bring myself to buy more chocolate with all the ingredients I already have in the house so I went out in a limb.  I used half bakers chocolate and half semi sweet. It worked out great! This gives the chocolate bark a dark chocolate taste that is evened out by the marshmallows without being too sweet.

After melting the chocolate I made the mistake of adding the marshmallows before taking the bowl off the heat.


The marshmallows started melting and I may have panicked. It clearly worked out,  but I worried I’d broken it. Even cutting the bars was easier than anticipated.

It was a first attempt recipe that I took to family dinner without worrying that everyone would hate it and we would have to go without dessert, so that’s pretty cool.  It also went very well with red wine. :mrgreen:

Definitely a recipe to remember. Don’t be surprised of you see this one on a tray if I bring a dessert.

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