Fudge Brownie Victory

He loves brownies.  Top five desserts loves.  Lonely island list loves.  And fudge brownies are way better than cake brownies.  So I’ve been on a hunt for a scratch fudge brownie recipe with little to no success… Until we finally joined weight watchers and I began looking at life through substitution lenses. 

On a whim I looked through the baked mix aisle at the local store (as happens…probably weekly….) and came across Pillsbury Sugar Free Brownie Mix.  Only 3 points for brownies you say? I’m in! Even if they aren’t great it’s a 3 point brownie.  I’ve got to encourage the efforts for healthier treats when I can. 

The batter was thicker than normal,  but there was a warning on the box telling me that could happen.  They only cooked for 28 minutes which is far less time than usual.  They were thin in the pan,  which I took as a sign. Something about small joys and less points because of less reward.


In the end they turned out amazing.  They are rich,  chocolatey, fudgey treats.  Theserving is 12 per box and I could totally eat them all in one sitting.  I take that as a good sign! It’s not a scratch brownie like I want,  but it’s reconfirmed my new found healthier baking plans!

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