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The see through AR waveguide based display engine in the M3000 when connected to the cloud can deliver virtually any information directly to the job site and overlaid on the real world.As part of its exhibit, Vuzix will be showing many solutions from several leading partners including KDDI Group, Cyber Timez, Apprentice Field Suite and Logmein.Cyber Timez will demonstrate its Cyber Eyez application that enables low vision and blind users to magnify anything in their environment up to 15 times and can also read text in over 100 languages without a connection to the internet. This visual aid software runs on the M100 and soon the M300 Smart Glasses.Apprentice Field Suite will demonstrate its Industrial Augmented Reality Solution for the Biopharma, Manufacturing and R markets running on the M300 Smart GlassesLogmein Rescue will be demonstrating its mobile remote IT support software and services running on Vuzix Smart Glasses that enables users to access and manager computers and mobile devices remotely.Additionally, Vuzix will be hosting live drone demonstrations in its 17,000 cubic foot flying cage mounted above and over the Vuzix tradeshow floor booth. Show visitors will be able to experience an HD first person view from the overhead drone connected to Vuzix iWear Video Headphones as drone professionals navigate the colored obstacle course and rings above.

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