Weight Loss Challenge

There comes a time in every adult Beth’s life where she looks in the mirror and says “ok… It’s time for action.”

Andrew got me a fancy rolly chair for my office for Christmas.  It’s awesome and is leather and I love it.  When we went to the store to pick it out shortly after Christmas and bring it home I happened to see on the side of the box a weight limit. Now,  that limit was a good 30 pounds above my weight at the time and we had both decided to make our weight a priority in the coming year,  but it crossed my mind.

That’s a problem.  I decided that we should start our weight loss journey that night.  We joined Weight Watchers immediately and I signed up for the work challenge a few weeks later.

We have both been very good and are seeing results (more on that later) but more to the point, it is causing me to not bake.  I can’t bring myself to waste points on baked goods at this point. As I’ve said in previous posts,  I am a stress baker.  Between work,  school,  and just being me I want to bake things.  My wonderful husband came up with a great idea.

He came home with a bag of Splenda for cooking with.  It hadn’t occurred to me to sub out the sugar.  So I made these cookies and took them to work with the idea of substitutions I  mind.


White chocolate oatmeal crazin cookies. I made them with applesauce instead of butter. They didn’t brown the way I wanted them to,  but they were delicious nonetheless! And now I’ve found a new challenge. My goal is to bake something at least once a week that is not the absolute worst for you and still delicious.

Wish me luck and I’ll try to keep posting.  🙂

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